Property in Spain

Property in Spain has long been the top choice for property investors and those searching for a dream home in the sun and while all the news is of scandal this, the end of the property bonanza, land grab and all the rest there is one inescapable fact there are lots of empty villas, house and apartments in Spain that makes it a buyers market. Also the drop in capital gains tax from 35% to 18% for foreign investors is a big help and an obvious inducement from the Spanish authorities.

Spain is an excellent option for those in search of a vacation or retirement home, whether to live full time or as is often the case half of the year many choose to live in Spain in the winter months while northern European weather is inclement and let it out in the summer months to provide an income.

Property in Spain

After years of price rises Spain has experienced a sharp drop in property prices but there are signs that they are bottoming out and as I said earlier it’s a buyers market and offers will be taken, you could quite easily end up with your dream Villa in Spain for rather less than advertised.

The commercial sector in Real estate is still strong with office retail and industrial space still well sought after.

When looking for property in Spain, it’s always a good research in a number of different ways perhaps the best way these days is to start with the internet. You can quickly gather and collate information on Spain and get an idea of what type of property you would like to own and also where you would prefer to be situated Spain is a big place and has much more to offer than the various Costas.

Property in Spain

Learn some Spanish you can live their without it but it’s a far more enriching experience if you put in the effort and interact with local community as well as the expat community.

Spain is a lovely place to live and while you must take care and spend time over any property purchase you make if you feel that a property in Spain is for you then just go for it.