Property in Bulgaria

Property in Bulgaria has seen a huge influx of foreign property investors in recent years with a huge buy to let market. Coupled with very low prices it has seen a lot of interest from first time buyers priced out of the UK property market.

Also the Balkans and Eastern Europe in general is on the must visit list of many people and as more budget airlines open up the way the holiday let potential increases.

Property in Bulgaria

Even in difficult times it is hard to see property in Bulgaria losing value in the short or medium term so there is still plenty of time to get in. The so called Barbie generation (buy abroad rent in Britain) are thinking hard about Bulgaria property and its long term future.

If you are thinking about a permanent move, then you have to consider earnings and the language barrier is a hard one to overcome. Here in the job market however if you wish to get in the B&B; market or property development you can, perhaps no longer on the ground floor but you don’t yet need a lift.

As with all overseas property ventures you have to take into account the different laws and taxes that surround property purchase in Bulgaria, and as we advise throughout this website it is far wiser to go through real estate professionals than to cut corners and go with what looks to be a bargain it very rarely is.

The health care in Bulgaria is run by highly trained competent staff and most prescription drugs you would be likely to need are available there is a growing number of highly affordable health centres and clinics that are gaining a good reputation and some people are taking the opportunity to get treatment while on holiday.

Property in Bulgaria

One other side to Bulgaria is the recent development of the ski industry with more than 40 miles of slopes over 20 ski lifts and in access of 300 hotels Bulgaria offers top class conditions for a fraction of the cost for similar facilities in say Italy, France or Switzerland.

The resorts are Bansko, Borovets, and Pamporovo and all are worth researching as they all offer unique characteristics

If none of this convinces you of the value in Bulgarian property then at least visit and take in the natural beauty of the countryside and friendliness of the people.