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Jakarta, located on the northwest coast of Java island, has an area of 661.52 square kilometers. With its city population of 8.5 million and metropolitan area population of over 23 million, Jakarta is the most populace Southeast Asian conurbation and the world’s 11th largest city. Jakarta is also one of the wealthiest cities in Asia with US$ 18,000 income per capita. Read the latest analysis of the Jakarta property market

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Jakarta developed as a port town under the control of various regional powers, until it became the subject of a tug-of-war between British and Dutch colonists. In 1615 things came to a head when a British fleet, allied with local ruler Prince Jayawikarta, attacked the local Dutch fortress. The attack faltered however, and the Dutch destroyed the British fort and forced the English into a seaborne retreat. With this victory, Dutch influence in Jakarta was consolidated right up until it was taken by the Japanese during World War II. Shortly after the Japanese defeat, Indonesia secured independence and Jakarta was named both regional and national capital.