Rent Dubai Commercial Property

To rent Dubai commercial property used to be the only option residents had if they wanted to reside in Dubai. With a serious shortage in available Dubai real estate for sale, the rental market is reaping all the benefits. In fact, rental rates continue to rise all across the Emirate, even as properties remain limited in popular sections of the city.

With Dubai’s expansion not about to end anytime soon and the population getting bigger, finding decent real estate to rent is now tougher than ever. No need to worry though as the FazWaz Dubai Property Rental Department provides a vast database of rental properties in reputable areas. Continue reading “Rent Dubai Commercial Property” »

Renovating your property in Penang

Georgetown has been declared a Unesco World Heritage site and is peppered with architecturally and historically important buildings for which demolition or major alteration is absolutely out of the question. However, it also means there are plenty of options for those looking for a challenging, sympathetic renovation project. The difficulty involved in restoring protected buildings means that most buyers bring a local renovating firm on board rather than tackling it themselves as a hobby of sorts. Continue reading “Renovating your property in Penang” »

Property for sale in Jakarta

Jakarta, located on the northwest coast of Java island, has an area of 661.52 square kilometers. With its city population of 8.5 million and metropolitan area population of over 23 million, Jakarta is the most populace Southeast Asian conurbation and the world’s 11th largest city. Jakarta is also one of the wealthiest cities in Asia with US$ 18,000 income per capita. Read the latest analysis of the Jakarta property market Continue reading “Property for sale in Jakarta” »

Buying Property in Brazil

Buying Property in Brazil has been for some time now a sound financial investment and this is set to continue long into the future, availability and low costs are the main driving factors but by no means the only reasons for investing in Brazilian property currently undervalued. Another great reason is the emerging economy widely tipped to become one of the global giants in the 30 to 40 years. Continue reading “Buying Property in Brazil” »