Buying Property in Brazil

Buying Property in Brazil has been for some time now a sound financial investment and this is set to continue long into the future, availability and low costs are the main driving factors but by no means the only reasons for investing in Brazilian property currently undervalued. Another great reason is the emerging economy widely tipped to become one of the global giants in the 30 to 40 years. Continue reading “Buying Property in Brazil” »

The property market in Greece

The property market in Greece has seen some decline in demand recently however the prices are not likely to crash a modest correction in the region of 5% is likely recovering in the next few years, this is relatively good news for people who have bought property recently of course and is better news for future investors who are perhaps unable to buy in there proffered location at the moment. Continue reading “The property market in Greece” »

A Guide To Buying Properties In Thailand For Foreigners

Thailand could be described as many people’s idea of paradise. The country boasts a pulsating capital city, some of the most beautiful beaches in the World, incredibly friendly people and a delicious cuisine. What more do you need? Thailand was once the backpackers Mecca with a huge selection of budget accommodation, but in recent years more Five-Star hotels, resorts and Golf clubs have sprung up. Because of this an exciting and buoyant Thailand property market has emerged offering real estate to suit all financial budgets. Continue reading “A Guide To Buying Properties In Thailand For Foreigners” »

Property in Spain

Property in Spain has long been the top choice for property investors and those searching for a dream home in the sun and while all the news is of scandal this, the end of the property bonanza, land grab and all the rest there is one inescapable fact there are lots of empty villas, house and apartments in Spain that makes it a buyers market. Also the drop in capital gains tax from 35% to 18% for foreign investors is a big help and an obvious inducement from the Spanish authorities. Continue reading “Property in Spain” »